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Not to be confused with the even more powerful Steve Jobs.

Steve, being awesome

Steve is the king and supreme overlord of Minecraft. Steve spawned at the beginning of time, and built for billions of years. He built what we now know as Minecraft. Steve is now the most awesome person in Minecraft, because all of the villagers in Minecraft are really stupid. He was killed by WaCreeper, but respawned.

Steve is a huge jerk because he likes to destroy stuff, but this also makes him really cool. He also builds stuff too, but Nobody really cares about that. Steve often carries around weapons made of gold and diamonds, which is also really cool. Steve is also pixely, which makes him beyond cool.

Steve is most well known for emerging victorious in The Night of a Thousand Creepers. He is also well known for being legendary in combat. Only Notch has beat him in a direct fight, and it just happens Steve was not paying attention at the time.

Unfortuneately, despite many rumours, Steve is a boring/annoying person to live with outside Minecraft because he has no personality/constantly breaks everything because he's superhumanly strong and has NO FINGERS.

He also starred in Mine Of Duty.

Currently, Death the Kid is trying to kill him because his shirt is asymmetrical. But he can't because Steve keeps respawning. Yay!