Siegbert Schnoesel

Squilliam, the evil Breakfast eater.

Squilliam Fancyson is the single number one hardest thing to kill in the entire UnUniverse (except for the five Undefeatables, Weegee, WaPo, Bowser, Mabel and maybe a few other guys). He also likes eating birds, because he is Evil!


Squilliam has a rivalry with Squidward, even though Squilliam always wins the rivalry because he is a success. His greatest achievement in life is pissing Squidward Tentacles off over and over. Unlike Squidward, Squilliam does not, I repeat, does NOT suck eggs. However, Squilliam doesn't own a five star restaurant (he thinks Squidward does, but Squidward is the cashier, because he didn't go to college).


He helped create Bob the Builder's shames, because he is awesome like that. This is what makes them so popular. He works for the evil BBB as a terrorist and evil god. He is also known to be an expert at Pokemon (he has one Babypea).

Sometime during the Timeline, he became a member of the SheeBookie.

Super Powers

He is the most powerful sea-creature in the UnWorld, as he can breathe on land, and Blow Stuff Up, which most fish can't.

Personal Life

Squilliam has a pool made of solid gold, because he is a moron. He lives in a house similar to Squidward, only it is ten times bigger on he inside. He also is obsessed with gilded doorknobs and has a sculpture of his unibrow made out of them.

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