Squadalabad is a big city with many people and biggest city in the Mother Empire. It is the most famous city in the Squadala Empire, and many movies are filmed there. Also, the Squadala People who lives there know Mister Kooperton, becuse he was there. Squadala Man`s Carpet Warehouse has it`s main quarters there. It is also the finacial, economic and media capital of the Squadala Empire, and is Squadala City"s biggest rival.



Squadala Man needed a new place to live, when people wanted to live in the Squadala Island becuse it was so peaceful there. He did then build Squadalabad. But the Squadala People wanted to live everywhere, so he builded a fort around it. He was the only innhabitant there in many Squada-years, until the Squadala People did find it in  year 654.

654- 999

More and more Squadala People wanted to live in Squadalabad, who made it harder for Squadala Man to know where to live. Squadala Man bumps into Squia Masquia, and turns him into mayor. However, as the Squadala  innhabitant Meter grows, the Squadala Thief Meter also grows. People tries to kill the thives, but get killed themself. This happened to 876 Squadala People every day to 999, where the famous Squaki of Mako ( Meaning: shut up! May-koo. Squadi: Maa-kå. Writing in Squadi: ¤!!%/&. ) did kill all the thives.

999- 1599

There was a big personal crisis, where people did storm forts, burn houses and hang people. Squia Masquia did hide himself during the entire peroid. The personal crisis did end when Squia Masquia did make " The Laws of The Squadala and Everything ", who began with it in 999. He did hang it outside the port of Squadalabad when the Squadalians did come back after storming Fort Stupid.

1756- 1912

People did visit the market there to get RICH and to get DINNER. Mister Kooperton did have fun with bathing in the oasis, spitting at the camels and picking his nose there in 1912.

1st Ducky War

Ducky, the dictator of the ( semi ) powerful empire, did attack this place in hope to find money, creating the Battle of Squadalabad.The Squadala Man did call many Squadala Knights during this fight, 56 of them died. The battle ended with the Undefeatables calling a big tornado.

2nd Ducky War

Ducky was this time deadly serious, and did throw a QUAK! Bomb, almost destroying the city. Hopefully, Squraqua Mundaruq did find the bomb and did throw it out of the city. 50 people almost died. " The Laws of The Squadala and Everything " was deastroyed, who created the Squadirian Wars.

Squadirian Wars

The Squadirians was so angry so they did create a big wars. The war ended atleast with Squia Masquia did finish the " The Laws of The Squadala and Everything. "

1945- Today

Today, Squadalabad is a modern day city with high crime rate and big skyscrapers. A notable attaraction is Sqaria Aquae, who is a big aquarium. It is said it will get deastroyed in 2099. We never know.

Famous People From Squadalabad

Movies filmed in Squadalabad

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Squaka Baka

A Squabbish Overdose

Squadi Dictati

Godi Goodi

I.M. Dumb


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