The Squadala Book is one of the Squadala Empire`s most famous and most important stuff. Chuck Norris knows how it ended, but no, he wouldn't tell you.


Every day, the nice emperor Squadala Man was marrying Squadala Womens OVAH 9000 times every day. From the famous Squadalette Kquibom to the not-so-famous Squaila. One day, he became so angry so he trapped them. He was going to hear the last words of the last women he will marry ... and kill her. The Squadala Women`s name was Squique Moiselle, the most famous Squadala Women these days. Her beauty made Squadala Man forget the murder he planned. Every night, before You go to bed, she did tell him stories the Squadala Man did write down in a book, who we now all know is called the Squadala Book. She did it to  protect the other Squadala Womens from death, and to make Squadala Man a nice emperor again. Guess Squadala Man know that now.


  • The Long Way To The King-Leopard
  • Squabad`s First Fail
  • Squabad`s Second Fail
  • Squabad`s Third Fail
  • Squabad`s Fourth Fail
  • Squabad`s Fifth Fail
  • Squabad`s Sixth Fail
  • Squabad`s Seventh Fail
  • A Squabbish Overdose
  • Ali Squaba And The Seven Murders Cheese
  • Squadal-Labi
  • The Leopard And The Squadala
  • The End (we don`t know how it ended)


  • Bowsah`s Book: Better than that Cheese Book (1789)
  • How The King Killed That Loser (1809)
  • Squique Moiselle Tells Stories (1899)
  • Animation
  • Squique Moiselle Tells Stories (1996)
  • Squadala Storiez Of Doom (1997-8)
  • Kid`s Evil Parodies (feautured in episode 7 of the series)
  • Movies
  • Ali Squaba`s Stories
  • Sq-ad-la
  • The Squadala

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