Cquote1 THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!! Cquote2

Sparta is a place in the world where disgusted or hated people of Sparta get kicked into holes. They also have their own music known as Sparta Remixes, which became highly popular as remixes, such as Squidward's Sparta Remixes. The place is known for the quote "This is SPARTA!". Sparta has been in many wars, including the war against Persia, and the was against Google. Currently Sparta belongs to Leonidas. It's also headquarters of The 300. It's been rumored that some of the Bowser Army has secretly occupied the south and East of Sparta.

THIS IS SPARTA's location

The exact location of Sparta.

Probably the best "NO!" sparta remix on Youtube02:11

Probably the best "NO!" sparta remix on Youtube

The "NO!" Sparta Remix, an example of good well-received Sparta remixes in the world. Also my pick of Sparta.

Squidward has a screaming sparta remix!02:13

Squidward has a screaming sparta remix!

Even [[-03-0009-03-0009-03-0009-03-0007Squidward Tentacles]] has a sparta.


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