Way to go, ya Knucklehead!
Look! A giant talking egg!
Don't worry, Mr. President, everything's under control. –Dose he realize he's talking to a tree?
Hmm, sounds like an invitation to party! –It's a death sentence.
Time to crack that Eggman wide open!
Even without wings, I can still fly! Right? –Sonic is wearing a Superman cape, standing on his roof.
I'm a hedgehog, not a rat! –To everyone he meets
I JUST SAID I'M NOT A RAT! –After everyone thinks he's a rat.
Yeah, I'm blue! Wanna make something of it?!
Hmm... Only a real idiot could fall for this trick... Knuckles? Tails?
Sonic go boom in sonic boom!
Baldy Nose Hair!? That's the best thing I've heard all day!
Wow, Chuck Norris! You're so slow! –Sonic, right before getting vaporized.
I'm the fasted creature alive, and I can't even get any Gum!
Kids, we all know eating DINNER is fun. But when Link makes DINNER, well that's no good. It's your DINNER. No one else can make DINNER without your permission. So here's what you do. First, you say NO! Then you say THIS IS SPARTA. Oh and one more thing, I wonder what's for DINNER. –Sonic says Link's cooking is terrible.
Come on! Step it up!
You're too slow! –Sonic talking to a lightbulb

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