The Snood On A Normal day

Gender: Genderless
Hair color: Pineapple
Eye color: Club Penguin Eyes
Species: Snood
Home: Hell
Death: Became extinct
AKA: Club Penguin/Veggietales character hybrid
Likes: Killing people
Dislikes: Not killing people
Education: None
Occupation: Killing people
Known For: Killing people
UnRank: 9999999999999999999999

A Snood is a weird creature with clown shoes and a big dark green nose with Club Penguin eyes on top. He also has a tall, green circular body.


Once upon a time, VeggieTales wanted to expand their economy by conquering Club Penguin's, but created a hybrid called a Snood instead. The Snoods just went around killing random, totally innocent people. Nobody likes Snoods so they were all shot and became extinct.


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