Super MALLEO galaxy

Box art

Shupa Malleo Galaxy is a shame that stars Malleo. It is about Malleo's quest to RUN!


Mario has just finished eating his thousandth pound of spaghetti when... BAM! BAM! BAM! Mario is on the floor, Malleo's fist in his face. Malleo has knocked fat-Mario unconscious. Out of nowhere, Luigi runs at Malleo, and Malleo is running, and Luigi runs after him, and Malleo keeps running, and Bill Gates says hi.

The shame starts. To play, the player must make Malleo run for three hours, and whenever a boss is spotted, the player must tap the button to win the boss fight.


  • Malleo: Main character in the shame. Must RUN from Luigi and his allies.
  • Mario: Plumber seen in opening scene, beat up by Malleo.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother, main antagonist of the shame. Trying to get Malleo for beating up his big brother.
  • Awesome Troll: First Boss
  • C3: Second Boss
  • Dark Studious: Third Boss
  • Dr. Hax: Fourth Boss
  • King of Flan: Fifth Boss
  • Dr Rabbit: One millionth boss
  • Bill Gates: Says hi during opening scene.


Only Biased Ratings liked it. Squadala Ratings called it "complete garbage."

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