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Seal of Quality: Golden Kingdom is an action/adventure shame made by Nintendo for the Nintendo UnEntertainment System starring Mario, Kirby and Shigeru Miyamoto.


Luigi has broken the Seal of Quality machine and you must stop him! With no Seal of Quality there will be no marked shames! Oh my gosh! You must go on a stampede and kill everything that is on Luigi's side including Peach, Yoshi, Pikachu and plenty of idiots coming your way.


  • Weegee: you can stare at your enemies to death.
  • Bowser: crush your enemies by sitting on your fat ass!
  • Waluigi: throw Waluigi Muffins at your enemies and poison them.
  • Chuck Norris: everyone dies because you're just too awesome!!!!!


The game was rated M for mature by ESRB because they didn't like the fact that Luigi was the enemy. Nintendo decided to boot them to Kingdom Come for saying that. the Shamehobo rated it 8.5 out of 10 and ISN rated it 5.5 out of 10.


  • All the scores are mixed because Luigi was the enemy, which everybody, even Luigi, hated. Luigi than realized "That Ugly Green Guy" was him, so he hid his head in the toilet of shame.
  • Nintendo were planning to make a sequel but they didn't have enough money to so NintenD'oh made it instead.
  • This shame was sued by Chuck Norris because he did not authorize his appearance. As Chuck Norris wins every argument he is in, the guys from Nintendo had to pay him one Chuck Norris Dollar. They could not afford this debt, so instead he just roundhouse kicked their main office and called it even.

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