Gandalf, have you been smoking in my study again? –Saruman to his pupil Gandalf on frequent occaisons
Don't bother. –Saruman on Gandalf's excuses for what he was doing smoking in his study.
This is a depiction of the most feared fire demon of all time. He was a merciless hunter, was impossible to harm with ordinary weapons, and once tried to eat an Oliphaunt. –Saruman in reply to Gandalf's question of "Who's that ugly guy?"
Don't touch that. –To Gandalf, who was about to poke a faulty trebuchet filled with burning coal.
No. –In reply to Gandalf's question of "Want to play jumping off the top of Orthanc into a tiny wheelbarrow full of compost?"
No. –Saruman in reply to Gandalf and Radagast's question of "Can we build a water park in your study?
We're outnumbered and surrounded by an army of ten thousand super orcs. OF COURSE WE RUN. –Saruman in reply to Gandalf's question of "Shold we run?"
He's being possessed by Gríma Wormtounge. Why do you think he's murmuring into his ear? –Saruman on why King Theoden looks so weird.
Though we have long studied this world, and we are now old, there is still much in this world we know nothing about Gandalf, stop picking your nose. –Saruman on knowledge of the world

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