Cquote1 I'll be wrecking this city like heck! Cquote2
Salamence destroying a bunch of stuff.

Cruel Salamence

Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Species: Dragon
Likes: Being cruel everywhere.
Dislikes: Losing Flygon from his own claws.
Occupation: Destroyer, Googolplex fanboy
Known For: Killing a bunch of people.

Salamence is a very cruel Pokemon and always has been. He's obviously outside burning cities to death.

He was formerly Flygon's boyfriend, but then she got disgusted by him doing evil stuff, so she broke up with him and dated Garchomp instead.

He also uses 4chan.

He also is a minion of the four individual telletubbies and is a fanboy of Painis Cupcake (He also eats people while having a r*** face like him). He is also a HUGE fanboy of Googolplex.

Salamence never joined the Satanist Empire due to that he simply doesn't want to join because he has his "own things to do", yet he joined with the Teletubbies anyways, hypocrite.

He was also in a former relationship with Dragonair, but then he broke up and then left the Teletubbies, which angered Po greatly as well as quickly losing interest in Satanism, which vastly angered Googolplex.

Salamence then apologized to Flygon and Garchomp and was offered if he can team up with heroic Pokemon like themselves, which he did as he stated his villain years are over at long last.

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