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Cquote1 F*** you, you're useless. Cquote2
Saif Khan on an average day.
Saif Khan
New York Knicks Rule Est. 1996 (AKA Saif Khan)

His icon.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Oran, Algeria
Likes: Harassment everywhere.
Dislikes: Kindness everywhere.
Education: NA
Occupation: Bully; both reality and online.
Known For: Harassing people both in real-life and on the internet.
UnRank: -145

Saif Khan (AKA New York Knicks Rule Est. 1996, which sounds very unoriginal, especially that people in his community have similar usernames to that) is a hostile troll who is a member of the Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization hailing from Oran, Algeria.

He is very, very, very, hostile often. He harasses people both in real life and on the internet. The only people he never harasses are the people that are part of the SYTFAO.

Saif Khan doesn't appreciate happy weathers and he HATES kindness with a passion. He hates it when the sun (or moon) are out, and loves it when it rains; especially at night.

Speaking of rain, he has the ability to create rain to ruin people's good days and make them go from positive to negative.

Foreign name

سيف خان (Arabic)
Saif Khan face

Saif Khan in real life.

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