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The Ryuumonbuchi Family (which is not related to Toka Ryuumonbuchi in any way) was a crime family in Nagano City in 1943. They were one of the two top families in Nagano City, along with the Fukuji Family, who they shared a bitter rivalry with. The group specializes in an interest in the occult and drugs.

Major Members

Don Ryuumonbuchi - Don (Boss)

Larry Ryuumonbuchi - Son of Don

Joseph Ryuumonbuchi - Underboss

Dervish Grady - Underboss

Jason Rullo - Consiglieri

Lee Dorrian - Consiglieri

Les E.T. Pie - Soldier

Jack Thompson - Soldier

Squilliam Fancyson - Soldier

Jus Oborn - Enforcer

Liz Buckingham - Enforcer

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