Rudolph Smitler

Rudolph Smitler is a clone of Adolf Hitler, but he is not Hitler's clone. He was created by Hitler to rule Fake Germany Land, whilst Hitler ruled Germany. Upon arriving there, he demanded power, and because everyone in Fake Germany Land is annoyingly friendly, they happily gave it to him. He became an ally of the Teletubbies upon realizing they could help him conquer places.


Smitler has all of Hitler's powers, but being a clone, he has other powers too. He is a pro skateboarder and has super agility from drinking from the Teletubby Land Acid Lake. He also has complete control over all the forces of Fake Germany Land.


During his dictatorship, Smitler has instituted a ban on Mogwais, as their begging annoyed him. The ban also went for Furbies, even though he is allied with them, as they are related to Mogwais. The Furby ban was later lifted.

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