Cquote1 Squeak! Squeak, squeak, squeakity, squeak! Cquote2
Rodent impersonating his namesake
Powers of Weakness

Rodent, with the Powers of Weakness

Rodent is a Power of Weakness, the masters of all things weak.


Early History

Rodent started out as a creature that lived A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. In this galaxy, he lived a happy life. He lived with his fellow creatures. Eventually, he was playing with a rodent, and discovered it did as he commanded. He formed an army of rodents to protect his planet, but they were destroyed by a sun. Rodent then got frozen in ice, and traveled here.

Powers of Weakness

Rodent eventually helped form the POW. He was in charge of all rodents, as rodents are weak little losers. Rodent misses his old life, but his new life as a rodent god is more fun!


Rodent is sorry.


  • Rodent can control over all that is weak!
  • Rodent can turn into a rodent.
  • Rodent has special control over the rodents.

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