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Cquote1 Yes, I loved it when Yottatron and I were married Cquote2
RocketPowerGal24 "honoring" Yottatron

Her icon, that's pretty much it.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: Walvis Bay, Namibia
AKA: Kristin Konkle (Real name)
Likes: Buddying with Yottatron, obsessing over "Rocket Power"
Dislikes: Losing that "animation program"
Known For: Romance with Yottatron
UnRank: -31

RocketPowerGal24 (AKA Kristin Konkle) is a YouTube troll hailing from Walvis Bay, Namibia (and is currently bombing Orlando, USA), and is part of the Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization.

She was pretty much the African equivalent of Skyler Hawkins and Inez Thomas as they wanted their "sub-group" to have someone from Africa so they can wreck even more damage and not just Europe and Asia. This was before Saif Khan, another SYTFAO member rejoined the sub-group of that particular organization.

She and Yottatron were once in love with each other, however the brutal Yottatron fell in love with her first so he can get her to be called a "pedophile", though that actually makes sense because she was one all along, much like how Trent Morrison is one.

She spends her time doing nothing more than making "grounded videos" on the same program that all the other mentioned SYTFAO members have been using. She's also a manchild in that she obsesses over her "childhood show" named "Rocket Power" hence her username "RocketPowerGal24".

Though dang right she lives up to username because not only she obsesses over said show, but also abuses nuclear warheads. She uses them to bomb specific locations such as Orlando (Florida) and Juneau (Alaska), which are both part of the United States.

RocketPowerGal24's face

Her in reality, stealing a US T-shirt, and planning to bomb Juneau (Alaska), USA.

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