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Cquote1 I love her death, I will NEVER stop having her as my waifu! Cquote2
Reece Kendrick refusing to NOT have a waifu.
Reece Kendrick
Reece Kendrick

Okay, he's a manchild too! Okay, wow, just wow.

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home: Yangon, Myanmar
Likes: Desiring to marry his "waifu", Still fooling around with Thomas toys, etc.
Dislikes: Being a mature man.
Education: 7 years in idiot school.
Occupation: Desiring many things with his "waifu"
Known For: Obsessing over some "anime" character from Smosh's cartoons.
UnRank: -12,453

R.K. Studios, or better known as his identity, Reece Kendrick (Which was what "R.K." stood for) is a YouTube troll hailing from United Kingdom Yangon, Myanmar (Formerly Burma) that is part of the Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization.

He is known for having a die-hard crush on a fictional Smosh character nobody cared about named "Oishi Kawaii", and has been claiming she's "his waifu" since 2015 and still today in 5017 as a member of the SYTFAO.

He was born on the same year as Yottatron of Japan (2001), however unlike him, Reece Kendrick has been childish SINCE the day he was born.

Reece Kendrick didn't just shove his personal thoughts of said Smosh character mentioned above, but also many of his childhood shows including the Powerpuff Girls and Thomas the Tank Engine (Especially besides his "waifu").

He's often encouraged by Madison Farr of Belgium and defended him from those who hated him.

Though hated enough that even Smosh themselves hated him due to what Reece was doing to their character of "Oishi Kawaii".

Foreign name

R.K. စတူဒီယို (Burmese, username)

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