Rambo was a Shame made by LJN. It had little to do with the movie and was not that good.


You are John Rambo, who is currently in prison. Then The Colonel comes and says "do you accept my mission?" Then you have to choose from "yes, I want to help" or "no, I am fine in prison." If you choose to stay in prison, you get to play the secret mini game called "Drop the Soap," but I would prefer not to write about it. If you choose to help, you go to Vietnam and try to rescue soldiers, but instead of fighting Vietnamese with a bazooka, you fight snakes and bats with your hands. This is all because Jack Thompson hacked the game before it could be released. However, there is one part where you obtain a gun, but it only has 12 bullets. What a rip off. The shame is full of glitches intended on pissing the player off. It is an unbeatable shame. Because of all of this, the shame sucked and the people who bought it were out raged. Angry Video Game Nerd was pissed off that LJN ruined such a cool game concept.

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