Evil pumkins

Typical, dim witted, jerk Pumkins

Pumkins are a species of pumpkins that take on human characteristics, often negative characteristics. They are picky and never pay for anything. They also like disco, farming, and clothes. Most Pumkins have very low IQs and are considered to be idiots. They have baskets that contain an infinite number of clothes. They live somewhere within Kansas in their own country called Pumkin World. Butter is the most important thing to the human race.

The Great Pumkin War

Pumkins enslave

Pumkins enslave Arlen

According to Mr.halo304ever and adventure2unknown, the Pumkins temporarily seized control of Arlen to gather butter. However, in an ultimate sacrifice, Hank Hill blew them all up.

Notable Pumkins

Notable Pumkin Establishments


Characters like Mr. Purple were created by Adventure2TheUnknown and the Arlen invasion story came form Mr.Halo304. You can watch the original videos on YouTube. Wait... We're not supposed to say that here!

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