Preston Stormer
Preston Stormer

Preston Stormer! The Alpha 1 leader! He's in his fourth and current upgrade right now.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None!
Eye color: Blue
Species: Ice-Elemental Robot
Home: Really Denmark
AKA: (Simply) Stormer, (Simply) Preston
Likes: You've already seen them.
Dislikes: You've also already seen them.
Known For: Leading the Alpha-1 team, being the FIRST elemental robot
UnRank: 144 (Meh)

Cquote1 Heroes to the core! Cquote2
Stormer while assembling his team.

His small, weak, original form.

Preston Stormer is the leader of a group in the Hero Factory named "Alpha 1". He and Von Nebula worked together on a mission, but Von left because Preston was being "arrogant", starting a feud, which made some people think that he's weird.

Stormer was constructed in LATE 2008, but he constructed his own minions in Spring 2012. He constructed some of the others Fall 2012.

All of his members of his team (Alpha 1) are robots that do a lot of elemental things, and Stormer here controls the element of ice.

He eventually encountered Ms. Ukraine, who claims she's the Republic of Ukraine herself. She kicked him in his mechanically icy crotch, but Stormer shot back.

He later got an upgrade (His 4th one really) in order to defeat Black Phantom and some random stick figure named This is Bob (Who hates both heroes and villains of any kind).

Stormer eventually gave up permanently in serving as the supreme leader of his team, so he gave his leadership to William Furno.

After he gave up, he moved to Norway went to chill there. Though then he eventually got killed by somebody named Mao Zedong as he was sent on a mission by Googolplex a while ago to hunt down Preston Stormer.

After he got killed by Mao Zedong, William Furno heard that, and he and the others mourned.

His members of his team (Alpha 1) include in chronologic order:


  • Himself
  • Being In Charge
  • Being Right
  • Beating Villains to death
  • Being the center of attention
  • His members


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