Poland flag

The most creative flag ever

Poland is an epic contry in Europe that is ruled by Po (And Megatron via the Polish Split).

It is very well known for its appreciation with North Hyrule and hatred of the Mushroom Kingdom. Poland is the only place in the UnWorld you can find a portal to Teletubby Land. It was destroyed durring the Twenty Seven Day Battle of Epicness, but Po ordered every man, woman and child to rebuild his empire so it was finished within a few weeks. The capital of Poland is Pokyo (also known as Warsaw), which is the birth place of the evil Pokémon.

During the Poilish Split, 2,999 years later in 5015, it was split into two sections, a Fascist portion led by Po (West Poland), and a Communist portion led by Megatron (East Poland). After the split, Pokyo literally became known as Warsaw, and became the capital of East Poland (The nation led by Megatron), and Wroclaw became the capital of West Poland (The nation led by Po).

Results of the Polish Split right here:


Po, the ORIGINAL dictator of Poland, but later became the dictator of West Poland thanks to the Polish Split, which divided Poland into West and Eastern sections.


Poland was named by Po. She wanted to make a nation completely dedicated to herself, so she named it Poland.


Poland used to be a land full of green grass and beautiful trees, but nobody liked that kind of stuff back then, so Nobody wanted the land. So, Po, wanting her own country, claimed it for herself. Then she got a lot of nukes and nuked the land into the barren desert we know today, it was deserved in 2016.

In 2012, it was split into two sections, a Nazi portion led by Po (West Poland), and a Communist portion led by Megatron (East Poland).

It was then reunified after Galvatron made a treaty with Po and told him he's ruling his nation in Japan rather than Poland, and so then the absolute monarchy was restored in Poland.


Poland has an absolute monarchy and Po is the absolute leader. If you question her, your head comes off. In Poland, there are two types of people: Po and the Teletubbies (Absolute Power!!!!!) and Peasants (N00bs). Po and the Teletubbies have absolute power and Peasants do all of the work and don't get paid.

Later, during the split, Poland became a republic, Po still being the dictator, except in West Poland specifically, and Megatron became the dictator of East Poland.

Poland Hetalia

LOOK! A Polish!

West Poland is still a fascist dictatorship, though East Poland is a communist dictatorship. Both countries were forced to team up in order to defeat This is Bob.

After Galvatron settled his nation in Japan, Poland's absolute monarchy has been restored.


Another Polish! Except this one's actually pretty good!