Bow before your unconquered king

Pokemon are strange, mutated creatures that sometimes roam the UnWorld. They were created by mad scientists in Warsaw back during who knows when (when Warsaw was called Pokyo), and now they hide in weird places (usually moderately tall grass), ready to attack anyone they see. They are very violent creatures, and it is believed they were bred for combat.[needs to be verified] The leader of all Pokemon is Ash's Pikachu.

Pokemon generally come from one of three categories: Stupid Pokemon, Very Stupid Pokemon, and EXTREMELY Stupid Pokemon. Some are actually awesome, but this is so rare, it has only occurred once.

These are the known Pokemon that exist.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a shame about these things for mobile devices. Despite the fact that there are over 700 Pokemon, this shame only features the EXTREMELY Stupid Pokemon and a few others that are just in there because they're popular. Even some of the Pokemon themselves hate this game, specifically Snivy. It was created only to get Super Fat people to go outside and get some exercise, but somehow, skinny and slightly plump people discovered the shame and started to play it. Even people who you would've never pegged for Pokemon fans play it. The game ENSLAVED people to become Pokemon trainers. Now, the shame kills the brain cells of thousands of people daily, and causes them to become as stupid as the Pokemon themselves on their quest to "catch" them, EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE JUST IMAGES ON MOBILE DEVICES in this shame. People do stupid things they wouldn't have done normally thanks to Pokemon Go. You probably play Pokemon Go, and are turning stupid thanks to it.

Research shows that after playing Pokemon Go for 24 1/2 days, all your brain cells will be lost. So, do us a favor, please: don't play Pokemon Go.

External Links

  • UnPokemon Wiki - A Wiki dedicated entirely to the storage of knowledge of our favorite little Pokefreaks.

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