Help this guy by adding some pictures in this article. I think that will shut him up.

The Play Station Portable (or PSP as many like to call it) is the last shaming system made by Sony before it got stupid. It was the first shame made by Crash Bandicoot's Sony, and the only good one. It was made in 2006, after the Sony Civil War. It is the only handheld device made by Sony, because when have they ever done anything right?

The Play Station Portable was originally made for two purposes:

  1. Bandicoot needed some wartime propoganda, even though the war was over.
  2. It had been a while since Sony had stolen something from Nintendo, and the Nintendo DS was an easy target.

The PSP was manufactured and released shortly afterwards, and was an immediate FAIL. This was mostly due to the fact that the handheld shaming system had gone out of style three months ago. Bandicoot lost about $100,000,000 because it was so terrible. Bandicoot then proceeded to shoot himself. However, he is such a bad shot, he couldn't even hit himself.

The PSP was never really that popular because it was so stupid, but hey, look on the bright side! I don't know what bright side I am referring to, but you'd better look at it! (Sigh) Nevermind.

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