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The Plaid Vapors are a truly horrible, disgusting, offensive, annoying, dumb, freaky, stupid, terribly overatted Earth-shattering Universe pummeling God insulting piece of garbage that it truly, really amazes me that the Earth and possibly a bit of the afterlife as well as other dimensions have not yet been sucked from the inside and blown to a million pieces due to absolute garbage music, excuse for a metal band. This is infedelity blown to 2,000 pieces and farted upon, worthless waste vomited up from the deepest bowels from the butt of the Earth. Incredibly boring universal canopies and conifers below magma Lazarus below the sun moshing to pure freaking molten good guitar burning away suns rays and forcing forms to surrender under misanthropic elaborations of carbonated garbage.They are also very fucking gay and are in alliance with Justin Beaver and Rebecca Black. 


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