Cquote1 Pika Pika! Pika Pika Pika! Pik... Forget it! DIE! Cquote2
Some Pikachu
Cquote1 Super Pokemon! PokeSaffron! Cquote2
Pikachu's rollcall as PokeSaffron.
Member 33 - Pikachu

This is how Pikachus laugh!!


That's not something you see every day.

Pikachu is one of the members of the Vast Pokeforce and Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization (Specifically one of the golden aces). He is a powerful being who can even kill someone like Optimus Prime in one or two hits. He uses his lightning bolts to tell people "Get lost or die!".

His designated roman numeral is XXXIII (33).

Pikachu has existed since 1996. It was originally a feral rabbit, but it slowly turned into what it is today, a mouse, due to continuous zaps of electricity.

He is now very powerful, and shoots lightning when he's angry, bored, hungry, or constipated.

Ash is was Pikachu's leader, but not anymore; Pikachu left Ash, and instead, he bowed down to the leader of the Satanist Empire, Googolplex.

He was offered to join the Vast Pokeforce by one of the five leaders, Electivire to get revenge on all of their friends plus their trainers regards if they were kind to them or not.



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