Pickle Land is a land that is far away from here (or maybe not). It is ruled by the Pickles, and most of the citizens are pickles. Since pickles are people too, they can run a great government that is better than yours


(or maybe not). Also, they are awesome (or maybe not).


Originally, Pickle Land was inhabited by humans and pickles. Then, the First Pickle War broke out. The pickles won, and all humans left Pickle Land. The pickles established a powerful pickle-based society, and they built the grand pickle army.

Unfortunately, when humans were banished, birds were not. Vlasic was still in in Pickle Land, and after the Pickle Massacre, the Second Pickle War broke out, and all non-pickles were banished from Pickle Land. Pickle Land became a safe-haven for pickles everywhere.

Pickles lived in peace here in Pickle Land, but they had to pay $7.99 a day to be kept safe.

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