Peter Ugg

Peter Ugg the smart normal one.

Peter Ugg (often called P.U. or PU) is a guy who did stuff. Just like Squidward Tentacles.


PU is a guy who was very smart, unlike most people. When he was seven, he got his doctor's degree. When he was nine, he started teaching at that college. When PU was thirteen, he was Albert Einstein's tutor. He became one of the smartest people in the world. Then, he decided to go back to high school so he could remember what two plus two was. While PU was there, he met Freak with the Hood. When he said "Hi" to him, he became stupid, but that room in his brain got filled with knowledge of The Force. He then became an apprentice of Freak. He died on a mission.


On April 1st, he died on a mission when a local resident of North Carolina joked that Ozzy Osbourne was dead.

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