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Painis Cupcake as he is about to attack his victim.
Painis Cupcake
Painis Cupcake

Scary and lewd at the same time!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: 2fort, TF2
AKA: P**is Cupcake (His original name before he renamed himself)
Likes: Eating everybody in the world.
Dislikes: Eating proper food.
Education: NA
Occupation: Cannibal
Known For: Eating on other TF2 people

Painis Cupcake eats someone00:30

Painis Cupcake eats someone

A typical encounter with Painis Cupcake.

Painis Cupcake is a demented Soldier that was thrown into the Wa-Machine. The Wa-Machine malfunctioned, spewed out lots of rubber fruit, and created this rapist-resembling thing.

He goes up to people and says "I am Painis Cupcake, I will eat you!" and then pulls off a rape face. He eats many innocent victims including the Heavy Weapons Guy. He thinks everything's food just like Baby Yoshi, so he even eats people on his own team. Even if you call him for help, he will just eat you.

His worst enemy ever was coined to be the Vagineer, both when the Vagineer was alone and was part of the Satanist Empire. This makes Painis Cupcake banned from the Satanist Empire.

He has recently joined the Teletubby Army so he can eat up even more people, rather than the same nine people who come in uniforms of either red or blue. Cupcake is currently residing at an asylum..... He heard about the Teletubby Army before the Satanist Empire rising.

Just to defeat the Vagineer and saw him on 4chan, he went right on there and attacked the Vagineer.

Surprisingly, he was forced to "take a break" from eating his own innocent victims so he and everyone else can team up to defeat the biggest threat of This is Bob.

He had to take a break from cannibalism even more in order to defeat a BIGGER threat known as The Final Boss of the Internet, and is considered a WAY WORSE virus than The Chosen One.

Painis Cupcake Vs Vagineer Demopan Vs Intelligent Heavy And Spyper09:58

Painis Cupcake Vs Vagineer Demopan Vs Intelligent Heavy And Spyper

How he and Vagineer hate each other. Featuring Intelligent Heavy and Spyper on his side, and Demopan on Vagineer's side.

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