Blinky, the leader of the ghosts.

If you are looking for ghosts in general, go here instead.

The Pac-Land Ghosts are the spirits of the dead that reside in Pac-Land, and the enemies of Pac-Man. They are known for their ability to scare people, fly, and get swallowed whole. They are feared by most, and hated by all.

The ghosts star in every Pac-Man shame to date (except for Kinky, who starred only in one). This is because they are the greatest (and only) enemies Pac-Man has ever fought. At least Mario has variety (sort of)!

When the ghosts are released into a maze, they get very violent, and eat all Pac-People they see. This is called the Maze-Ghost Effect. This is how Pac-Man has so many shames.


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