Pac-Dude is mad. Probably because of something you did.

Pac-Dude is one of the Pac-People. He was born in Australia to some Pac-People. He lived here until he was 152, when he moved to the Sonic Islands. Then he moved back, which got him killed. He played a notable role in the creation of Pac-Land.


Early Life

Pac-Dude was born in Australia about one and a half centuries before it became Pac-Land. He spent his childhood here, and when he was thirty, he moved up to north Australia, where he became a lawyer. He was very successful, and was considered the best of Australia in his time. He received national fame.

Pac-Man's Plan

At one point, the only Pac-Person more famous than Pac-Dude was Pac-Man, the first Pac-Person ever. The two were acquaintances, but not close friends. When Pac-Man started planning, Pac-Dude was one of the first people he consulted. Pac-Dude told him the idea sucked, so Pac-Man left in disgust.

The Plan in Action

Two years later, Pac-Man led the Pac-People into Australia's capital, where they destroyed the country. Then, Pac-Man became the new ruler, and the king of Pac-Land. Pac-Dude, still in a rivalry with Pac-Man, was one of the main rebels, and the only Pac-Person rebel. Pac-Man stopped his forces with ease, but his message hit so much harder.

Pac-Dude's Revenge

Pac-Dude struck back harder than before, using an Australian army. Pac-Man still won, but it was harder this time. Pac-Dude soon surrendered, and deciding Pac-Man was right (at least, that's what he told them), he got into the Pac-Land government. He soon led five hundred Pac-People against Pac-Man, but they all died except Pac-Dude, who was taking prisoner.


Pac-Dude died in his cell. Sucks for him.

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