A bunch of oxygen.

Oxygen is a gas used by humans and other creatures on Earth. Humans and some other creatures breathe it, and depend on it to survive. Oxygen works alongside nitrogen and cyanide to support life on Earth.

Oxygen is often breathed by many different creatures. In fact, 99.9 of all creatures breathe oxygen. they breathe oxygen by breathing in, taking air in. The oxygen is absorbed. According to Albert Einstein's Theory of Oxygen, this kills the oxygen. Nobody believed him.

Oxygen lives on Earth mainly, but it also secretly lives in other places. We're not telling you which ones. That creates mystery. Mystery is cool. Oxygen is everywhere. It's on your cat, your bathroom even this page have oxygen. So basically, oxygen is everywhere. 


Oxygen was formed before Earth was formed. It was used by ancient aliens until one day, Earth came to existence. Earth sucked oxygen to its atmosphere so Earth will have oxygen. The aliens became mad because Earth stole their oxygen. Now aliens have to breath other gases. That's why there are aliens invading the Earth and why there are many oxygens here.