The OBJECTION Scream as seen in OBJECTION: The Shame.

The OBJECTION Scream is a powerful attack invented by the famed defense attorney Phoenix Wright. It is a powerful move that he uses when he wants to cause massive damage on gangsters, Pac-People, or maybe some Toads. He has a problem with using it while he is eating though, so he tries to avoid eating when possible.

To preform the attack, he first moistens his throat by taking a sip of Water, JUICE, or Chocolate Milk. Then, he clears his throat, and rubs his hands together. He takes in a deep breath, and screams OBJECTION! at the top of his lungs.

Normally, when he screams his attention, it just gets people's attention, and inflicts fear upon nearby individuals. But when he uses the OBJECTION scream technique, he often causes destruction upon whatever he is screaming at.

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