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The OBJECTION attack is an incredibly powerful and dangerous attack that is used only by powerful people when they are annoyed by some obnoxious weirdo. This obnoxious weirdo will be killed by the attack.

Wright uses this attack by jumping into the air, and spinning until he becomes a human helicopter. Then, he screams "OBJECTION!", and starts shooting explosions out of his hands, and fire out of his... well, you get the idea. He then flies at any and all targets, and they randomly explode and/or burst into flames.

This attack was first used when Phoenix Wright was in his sudden death battle with the Meta Knight. Phoenix was actually trying to scream like a little girl, but he did this by mistake, and realized that he could win this fight. However, he had not learned this attack well enough, and his helicopter flying got out of control, and he flew away before he could strike the Meta Knight down.

If anyone other than Phoenix Wright makes any attempt to use this attack, they will accomplish nothing but falling flat on their face. Then, Phoenix Wright will sue them (and he will not help them in court).

The OBJECTION attack remains to be one of Phoenix Wright's most powerful means of persuasion today, both inside and outside of the courtroom. It is also really useful for taking down buildings, because who doesn't like destroying stuff?

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