A screenshot that shows the weird graphics, decepting pixels.

OBJECTION: The Shame is a 2011 shame starring famous guy Phoenix Wright during his quest to harness the OBJECTION Force! It was made by a group of people he helped, but they didn't do a very good job.


At the start of the shame, Phoenix Wright is screaming OBJECTION!, but nobody cared. So, he walked down the street, found the OBJECTION Force, and started using it. Now he can scream OBJECTION! and people care.


The game was criticized due to its lack of storyline, terrible graphics and audio, five seconds of shameplay, and overall pointlessness.


  • 2011 Worst Graphics Award
  • 2011 Worst Animation Award
  • 2011 Worst Shame Award
  • 2011 Worst ANYTHING Award
  • 21th Century Worst ANYTHING Award
  • 2nd Millennium Worst ANYTHING Award
  • Worst ANYTHING of All Time Award (Later revoked because it was not worth this award.)

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