"I am the Devil King Nobunaga!!!"

Cquote1 I am the Devil King of Hell NOBUNAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cquote2
He appears to be the Devil King of Hell.

Nobunaga Oda is the Devil King, and for a short time, the ruler of Hell He is really, really, really, really, really evil and wants to kill Everybody. However, Chuck Norris got mad when he started his mad quest to kill Everybody and killed Somebody. So Chuck Norris killed Nobunaga and sent him to Hell.

Becoming Devil King of Hell

When Nobunaga arrived in hell, he decided to kill Anybody who got in his way until he fought with Bob Saget. After bribing Bob Saget, Nobunaga became the Devil king of Hell. When Bob Saget used Evil Snowmen to try and retake Hell, Nobunaga did nothing because he knew Evil Snowmen are weak to temperatures above 0 degrees.

Present activities

Nobunaga returned Hell to Bob in return for Candee. Nobunaga is trying to make his way back into UnWorld, but he ran into trouble because Chuck Norris kills him and sends him back to hell every time he tries to resurrect.

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