No Legs is a cat with no legs that fights zombie no leg cats. He is part slime and that is how he is able to survive. his mortal enemy is the scratch cat.


No Legs started as an alley cat that lived in the alley next to McDonald's. Every few months, they would throw out the food that didn't get used during those months. No Legs would eat it, and the food eventually started mutating him. He slowly lost his legs, and he slowly got awesome-r. He eventually became what he is today. He started a career as a monster exterminator, specializing in zombies. He now fights monsters every day, as he is one.

The Scratch Cat

Once, No Legs got a call. It was about an evil cat that had broke into someone's house. He went in, and it was The Scratch Cat. He could tell because of the nametag. No Legs pulled out his Zombie Zapper, and blasted The Scratch Cat. Now, The Scratch Cat added No Legs to the list of enemies. He's enemy number 7,261,148.


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