NES system


The Nintendo Entertainment System (called Famicom by weird people) is the single number one greatest idea that anyone has ever had since Mario took his hand out of that toaster! It was the first device ever designed to be used to play shames. It was made by the staff of Nintendo, led by the two greatest shame makers of all time: Mr. Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. It was made about ten minutes after Nintendo was founded.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was originally sold to be a building block for small children. However, Nintendo realized shame companies don't make building blocks, and they turned it into a shameing system. Then, they realized shames hadn't been invented yet, because it was 1999999 BC. They invented them, and it was the most successful thing that has ever happened.

The Nintendo Entertainment System is most well known for its ability to play shames. That is what made people like it. However, this was the only thing it could do (though some still used it as a building block), so they made the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Nintendo Entertainment System's success also caused several other people to make shaming systems, most notably NintenD'oh.

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