Josh with a Shamesphere

The NintenD'oh Shamesphere is a rip off of the Nintendo Shamecube made by NintenD'oh. Homer Simpson came up with the idea of the NintenD'oh Shamesphere by going into Nintendo HQ and asking for a tour. The fools gave him a tour, and then they told him about the Top Secret project, just because he asked them to. They told him about the Shamecube, the most advanced shaming system ever. He stole the blueprints, and smashed the prototype with a hammer. No, not a mallet, a hammer. HAM-MER!

Simpson took the blueprints to his secret lair, and built a shamecube. But then some idiot came in with a chainsaw, and "accidentally" sliced the corners off. After three hours of strangling, Homer had an idea. He made a shamesphere. He sold the device in 1980. It was a hit, because it was actually Nintendo's design, not NintenD'oh's.

21 years later, the Shamecube was released, and NintenD'oh sued, because they had made their rip off first. However, Nintendo had paid Phoenix Wright $1,000,000,000 to defend them, so they won. Ironic, because Homer was only asking for $5 and a beer. The console today is banned everywhere expect, Poland. Sooooooooo, good luck. Homer had to give all the copies to Nintendo, who gave all the copies to Mr. T. T took the copies apart and used them to make the Mr. T-2500.

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