194px-Evil LOGO! BEWARE! 2

The scared creepy logo of this EVIL GROUP!

Nick Jr. Staff is a group of evil people who work for Nickelodeon(they abandoned them to become good). They kill lotsa other people, and they hate real pie! Most of the group members are on board the Nickelodeon Cruise planning an attack on the UnWorld. Others could be anywhere. You never know who works for them, unless this person kills lotsa people. Of all the groups Nickelodeon owns, they are the most EVIL! The leader of this evil group is Dora the Explorer. She kills people as soon as she see's them. The UnAnything Wiki has many warriors who where sent out to protect the UnWorld from that evil group. So far NONE of the warriors have come back yet. The crew always eat normal Pie, even though they blow up every time.

Then, in 2012, a kid named Gabe, an idiot who hates Justin Beaver, loves logos (reaping evils, his mother & The UnAnything Wiki), eats candy, was trained by the Umbrella Corporation, Nickelodeon, Yahoo!, BBC, VanossGaming, Mario and The Medic & watches Spongebob set off, killed Dora & destroyed Nick Jr. Staff ONCE & FOR ALL!

However, Dora respawned and made Nick Jr. partner up with CBeebies to launch a new evil TV show in 2015 - a Teletubbies reboot.

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