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MrGamingPerson is a fricken YouTuber with 80 subscribers who is an elite Minecrafter. He lives in Teletubby Land and is actually a Teletubby in his world. When he feels as if the Teletubbies aren't respecting him, he gets them rekt, which they don't like. This is why the Teletubbies must always respect him. He thinks he is better than PEEEEEEEWDIEPIEEEEEEEEEE because he has 110 subs now. Continue reading 4 MOAR CRINGE!

He's also a part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew, and represents the Capricornus constellation out of them.

YouTube Videos

This teletubby runs a YouTube channel called MrGamingPerson which you shud totally click on because why not. This memelord mostly makes videos where he plays shames like Minecraft and Roblox, but also makes other cringe videos. The main series on his channel are listed.


Son of a gun excited to go to war.

1. Hunger Games

MrGamingPerson plays Hunger Games on a server called DesiredCraft (go play it). It is very cringy and you will love it, just watch the new ones though. The old ones suck harder than a super minecraft kid video.


There's an app called where people lip sync. Basically, it rips off Vine, but with lip-syncing and tons of Nightcore instead. Both are equally as dumb. MrGamingPerson makes memes out of his friends' musical.lys.

3. Roblox

(Insert Description)

4. Mineplex

(Insert Description)

[Add more for the other series on the channel.]