Eduard Geoffrey Dark
Mr. Dark

The most evil guy ever

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Species: Teensie
Home: Glade of Dreams
Death: Beaten by Rayman every time, comes back though
AKA: The Magician
Likes: Taking over the glade
Dislikes: Being beaten by Rayman
Education: Self-educated
Occupation: Villian
Known For: Being evil
UnRank: 63589639846

Mr. E.G. Dark is an insanely evil being and the ringmaster of the evil Carnival called the Moonlight Circus. He is known to be more than a millenium old and brings his evil Carnival on tours every 400 years to kill people.

Mr. Dark's Carnival tempts old people to go on the Carousel, which turns old people young again and steals their souls. Mr. Dark is also a known member of the Black Army Elite.

Mr. Dark's history is unknown, but he isn't a demon. We know this because he drank some Holy Water one time. At some point in his life he joined Freak With The Hood's army, but he left for reasons unknown, probably to do more evil Carnival deeds.

He is also one of the people who were lucky enough to get the Sword of Epic.
Dark Carnival

Mr. Dark's Carnival.

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