Also see the shiny thing on the morning sky.

Moon, AKA The Moon, is one of the most evil things that lives in space. It is something that devil worshippers like, and it also allows monsters to come out.


When God was creating the UnUniverse, he said "What can I use to scare people with?" Then he created The Moon and said, "That oughta do it." For thousands of years, people were scared of The Moon. People thought it was evil. Then, in 1969, an astronaut from the United States of UnAmerica landed on The Moon, proved it was not scary or made of cheese, and left, thus ending The Moon's reign of terror.

Attacking Link

Much later, the Moon decided to have its revenge by crushing the only living descendant of the aforementioned astronaut, a little boy named Link. He was visiting the town of Termina when the Moon came crashing down upon it. Link, however, tooted a few notes on his magic ocarina, which caused the Moon to go back into the sky, where it came from.

The most famous image of the moon.

Laser Eclipse

Even later, the Moon would be partially decimated by a huge laser, which was fired by the (prototype) Death Egg. This was done at the will of Dr. Robotnik, who wanted to show off its power to make people bow before him in terror. His plan backfired, as the people began to panic and not pay any attention to some bad guy with a silly mustache like him. The laser cannon was later shut down by Super Sonic and Super Shadow, after an angry Godzilla had used Chaos Control to fuse with the cannon itself. Meanwhile, the Moon had repaired itself, showing off its incredible resilience.

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