A Cat killed Moby Dick.

Cquote1 Ha ha ha, Moby DICK! Cquote2
A Little Kid

Moby Dick is an albino blue whale who eats everything. He was first discovered when he ate Titanic off or was it a lighthouse? I don't really know. Moby eats everything in, on, or above the sea, including fish, birds, boats, humans, and even Martians. He is the most dangerous monster in the ocean.

Moby Dick

He became famous, so people tried to catch him. He ate them all. Moby's first actual enemy was Captain Ahab. One day, Moby ate one of his trouser legs, and Ahab swore revenge. Ahab later wrote an adventure about a bunch of times he tried to kill Moby and called it Moby Dick. The book is now Fone Bone's favourite book.

Moby Dick was killed when some nerd with gadgety stuffs captured him. 

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