Michael Jackson in front of Rainbow and the face of himself.


How to be as cool as MJ.

Michael "I am a white guy!" Jackson is BAD guy who is the King of Pop (a town in America) and a general in the Daedric Army. He is notable for singing cool songs and the ability to move backwards while walking forwards.

He was pretty popular in late 1980s so Sega hired him to destroy Nintendo and steal Shigeru Miyamoto's brain. This plan was going to be successful, until Shigy created Reggie.

Michael Jackson has many magical powers like shooting lasers out of his fingers, throwing coins in enemy snipers and transforming in DeLorean and changing history.

In 2009 he was found dead, but when everybody started to dance at the same time he rose up from his grave as zombie and flew away to his planet of dance. This is called the Miller. The Miller was discovered by Po as he was shot out of a cannon and into space by the Teletubbies.

P.S.: You can also try to moonwalk.


Him in his zombie form

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