Scribblenauts Army

Maxwell with his army

Maxwell is the guy who can create things using his book. He is the 14th person in UnUniverse (After Chuck Norris, Giygas...).


Maxwell was born in 5000000000 BC, after appearance of planets. He was the 14th guy in UnUniverse. Using nuclear reactions and dark matter he created a book and a pencil. He uses it to write stuff and materialize it.

During most of time he was outside of UnGalaxy, working in a galaxy far far away, but he sometimes appeared in UnWorld. He created Stonehedge when he wrote "Nightclub", Taj Mahal ("Hotel"), Tower in Pisa ("Tower"), Disney World ("Small park with a house").

In 2009 he bought Nintendo DS and created the shame games Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts.

Current activities

He has a big army known as "Scribblenauts Army". Usually it's a peacekeeping army, but sometimes Maxwell uses it in violent wars. For example he stated genocide of Jupiter population who almost realised how Maxwell uses his book.

He collects all kinds of stars. Maxwell wants to collect Sun, but he waits untill humanity DIEs.

He eventually had to get his Scribblenauts Army assembled and team up with every hero existing on the planet in order to defeat the ultimate threat of This is Bob.

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