Mario is Dead! featuring Giygas is a popular shame featuring Giygas. The point of the shame was to show off that Giygas is more powerful than Mario, and it worked very well. This became one of the most popular shames ever, but many believe it has something to do with the rumor that Giygas kills whoever doesn't play it. This shame was produced by Giygas Inc.

During this shame, the player plays as Giygas. The goal of this shame is to kill Mario as painfully as possible, and then kill all witnesses. This is one of the most violent shames ever, but nobody cared. Giygas made sure there were 666 different ways to kill Mario.

Shortly after the release of this shame, Mario sued. All of his lawyers mysteriously DIEd, so Giygas won the case, and Mario had to be beat by all loyal fans of this shame. After this incident, this shame became the most popular one in the world, because everyone wanted to beat up Mario.

This shame was supposed to be educational, but Giygas decided to cut that part out.