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MagicalPockyUsagi saying "good evening" in japanese.

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Gender: Female
Hair color: Orange-ish
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Grorious Nippon! Unknown, but presumably lives in a cold area.
AKA: Ms. Weeaboo
Likes: Obsessing over Japanese things 24/7, especially Hatsune Miku.
Dislikes: Anything/anyone that is NOT Japanese, People who call her a weeaboo, Admitting she's not Japanese at all.
Education: NA
Occupation: Weeaboo
Known For: Acting like a Weeaboo.
UnRank: -888,000,000,000

MagicalPockyUsagi is one of the members of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew. She represents the Virgo constellation of the group.

She usually gets her support from JamesThePreacher, LifeInATent, and Nascar221.

She loves japanese stuff, and will kill for it. She even has the Japanese version of SMB2. That's SMB Lost Levels for the UnAmerican n00bs on the wiki.

Proof of her not actually being Japanese is that she doesn't pronounce the Japanese "U" sound right sometimes, and in Japan, it is pronounced as double o's.

One more thing: She said "DIE" (actually "Dai", "大", lit. "Large") four times in a row, which is a sign that she wants to kill us all. Presumably she wants to preform a series of nuclear attacks on major cities. Maybe expose us to Japanime with large features. Or just look at hentai. Yeah, that sounds about right.