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Lanky the Hullaballoo is Feddy Mon's loyal servant, his spy and his pet. he is very well known for climbing trees and licking computers. he has helped Freddy in many awkward situations, like when he is hungry. Freddy's friend, Harry Potty, is Lanky's worst enemy. he once forced him to eat some baked beans and toast. anyway, Lanky flies around with Freddy to look for secret waterfalls of awesomeness which are mainly located in Teletubbyland.

But Lanky was recently charged for assault towards Fireman Sam, and was sent to Tubby Prison for something like 5 months and 72 hours.


The Teletubbies and Freddy Mon now realise why he attacked Fireman Sam, it was because while he was spying, he found out that Fireman Sam has joined an evill agency with the Demon Sun from Teletubby Land. Read: Freddy Mon for more details.

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