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Cquote1 Literally everyone and everything is problematic!!! Cquote2
Laci Green being DISASTROUS.
Laci Green
Laci Green

She's only giving her "good looks" so you can become a lewd disaster too!

Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Likes: S*x and being lewd
Dislikes: Being appropriate
Education: 10 years in idiot school
Occupation: Being lewd
Known For: Talking about s*x 24/7 and being very lewd towards her audience
UnRank: -54,213,352,129,816,132

Laci Green is a very lewd YouTube troll who is a part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew.

She represents the Delphinus constellation out of the crew.

Laci Green is a problematic internet troll who talks about being "s*x positive", whatever the heck that means. The lack of hesitation to refer to s**uality in a comedic manner does more to alleviate any social stigma than Laci Green ever could.

Once in a blue moon, She will shit out a golden nugget of a video. Albeit only very, very rarely. This makes it evident that Laci can be intelligent problematic if she chooses to be. Unfortunately she makes way too much money off being a dumb person and why she has over 1.4M subs for nothing at all.

Also to be more disturbing, she put a thingy in the upper-left corner of her icon. This really does mean Laci Green is lewd.

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