The evil Laa-laa about to eat a piece of Tubby Toast.

Gender: Presumed female? Yep, definitely a girl.
Hair color: Yellow (Fur)
Eye color: Brown
Species: Teletubby
Home: Teletubby Land
Death: Heart Disease (Respawned)
AKA: Laa-Laa the Evil
Likes: Killing things

Tubby Toast

Dislikes: Not killing anything for longer than five minutes
Education: Normal Teletubby war instincts.
Occupation: Evil Mass Murderer

Teletubby Army General

Known For: Winning in arm wrestling against Po. TWICE.Creating Laa Doodles.
UnRank: 90002

Laa-Laa is one of the very evil Teletubbies and a general in the Teletubby Army. She died from heart disease during The Great Teletubby Massacre, but she can respawn, so she is still alive. Anyway, her first set of bones before her respawn remained, and are kept in The Flyıng Dutchman's rubbish bin (also known as Davy Jones's Locker). Legend says when you disturb the sacred eternal rest of her dead fossil, it reincarnates and she sets you on fire. Then she turns you into Tubby Toast and devours you whole until you're a corpse being digested in her stomach. This is a power only Laa-Laa and the bones have.

She may not be a Fakegee but she can also mimic the Weegee Stare flawlessly, as recent scientific studies show. Her copied Weegee Stare can power up any weakened Fakegee.

Laa-Laa helped Bob Saget for some time, and when Malleo came up to Laa-Laa and burned her up with a fireball, Saget beat up Malleo. When she died of heart disease, and her bones were left in the Flying Dutchman's bin, Bob Saget put the curse on the bones. Only Chuck Norris, Weegee, Guiyii, Marx, T-5120, Homestar Runner, Para-Dice and T-507801 are immune to her Tubby Toast attack.

Indiana Jones discovered the fossil, and he shot it (which awakened it), so she came to life. She ate him, but spat him back out because he tasted terrible. She then went off to destroy a city, but Superman detonated the skeleton. She also likes her orange ball Which she uses throw at people.She is also known for smashing Tinky Winky's head with a hammer.
Laa-Laa poision

Laa-Laa giving poison.


She is currently making a movie named Laa-Laa Land, which is a parody of the 2016 movie La La Land and plans to release it in summer 2017 (as for now). Po, Tinky-Winky, Dipsy and Noo-Noo, as well as the evil baby sun and other undisclosed actors will star in the movie. The Simpsons actually predicted the movie in 2000.

Laa-Laa about to kill Somebody

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